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BeanDevice 2.4 GHz AX-3D

Available in two versions (measurement range: ±2g or ±10g), the BeanDevice® 2.4GHz AX-3D is a wireless vibration sensor with built-in data logger. While the vast majority of wireless sensors are not suitable for harsh industrial environment, the BeanDevice® 2.4GHz AX-3D integrates an innovative antenna diversity design, boosting the radio link quality in environments subject to random and diverse disturbances. 


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This BeanDevice® 2.4GHz AX-3D is suitable for the following applications:

  • Ground vibration Monitoring on construction site
  • Dynamic measurement on rolling stock
  • Condition monitoring
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
  • Vibration analysis
TheBeanScape® 2.4GHz (except Manager and Basic versions), a supervision software dedicated to Beanair® WSN comes with a complete vibration analysis report:
  • Real-Time vibration and Velocity display
  • Advanced vibration analysis tool: FFT, PPV (Peak Particle Velocity), Velocity
  • Automatic FFT (with PPV values) and Velocity reports (meeting the DIN4150-3 standard)
  • Alarm generation by email when a trigger is reached
Users looking for a quick and easy integration with a third party software, have choice between ModBus TCP/RTU/ASCII protocol available on our BeanGateway® 2.4GHz or  OPC DA available on our BeanScape® 2.4GHz (Premium+ & Cloud versions only).
Product Reference
MR – Measurement Range:
– 2: ±2g measurement range
– 10: ±10g measurement range
Example: BND-AX3D-10G-RB, Wireless Accelerometer with 10g measurement range
Accelerometer Specifications
Accelerometer technology
Accurate and low power MEMS technology
±2g Version : 61 µg/digit
±10g version: 305 µg/digit   
Typical non-linearity
±0,1% FS
Analog to Digital converter
16-bits, SAR architecture (Successive Approximation Register) with temperature compensation
Sensor frequency response (-3 dB)
DC to 800 Hz
Noise spectral density
±2g Version : 45 µg/√Hz
±10g version: 100 µg/√Hz
Zero-g Offset Variation from RT over Temp
±2g Version : ±0.2 mg/°C
±10g version: ±0.1 mg/°C
Sensitivity Variation from RT over Temp
±2g Version : ±0.01 %/°C (XY) , ±0.02 %/°C (Z)
±10g version: ±0.01 %/°C
Offset Ratiometric Error
±2g Version : 4mg
±10g version: ±0.2% (XY) , ±0.1% (Z)
Sensitivity Ratiometric Error
±2g Version : ±1.25 % (X-Y) , ±0.2 % (Z)
±10g Version : ±1.6% (X-Y) , ±0.2 % (Z)
Cross Axis Sensitivity
Anti-aliasing filter
Butterworth 5th order filter – cut-off frequency : 1 Hz to 2000 Hz remotely programmable (BeanScape®)
Over-the-air configuration (OTAC) parameters
Data Acquisition mode
(SPS = sample per second)
Low Duty Cycle Data Acquisition (LDCDA) Mode: 1s to 24 hour
Alarm & Survey mode: 1s to 24 hour
Streaming Packet Mode
Sampling Rate (in streaming packet mode)
Minimum: 1 SPS
Maximum: 3 kSPS per axis (one axis enabled)
1,5 kSPS per axis (2-axis enabled)
1 kSPS per axis (3-axis enabled)
Alarm Threshold
±2 high levels alarms & 2 low levels alarms
Power Mode
Sleep with Network Listening & Active
RF Specifications
Wireless Protocol Stack
Ultra-Power and license-free 2.4Ghz radio technology (IEEE 802.15.4E)
WSN Topology
Point-to-Point / Star
Data rate
250 Kbits/s
RF Characteristics
ISM 2.4GHz – 16 Channels. Antenna diversity architecture designed by BeanAir®
TX Power
+18 dBm
Receiver Sensitivity
-104 dBm
Maximum Radio Range
650m (Line of Sight) , 30-100m (Non Line of Sight)
Omnidirectional radome antenna with antenna diversity
Gain : 3 dBi
Waterproof IP67
Embedded Data logger
Storage Capacity
up to 1 million data points
Wireless data downloading
3 minutes to download the full memory (average time)
TimeSync function : Clock synchronization over the Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
Clock synchronization accuracy
±2.5 ms (at 25°C)
Crystal specifications
Tolerance ±10ppm, stability ±10ppm
Environmental and Mechanical
Aluminium & Watertight (IP66) casing
Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 100x55x21 mm
Weight (battery included) : 155g
Shocks resistance
100g during 50 ms
Operating Temperature
-20 °C to +65 °C
Norms & Radio certifications
 CE Labelling Directive R&TTE (Radio) ETSI EN 300 328
 FCC (North America)
 ARIB STD-T66 Ver 3.6″
IP|NEMA Rating
IP67 | Nema 6
Power supply
Integrated battery charger
Integrated Lithium-ion battery charger with high precision battery monitoring :
 Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent/Short-Circuit Protection,Undervoltage Protection
 Battery Temperature monitoring
Current consumption @ 3.3V
 During data acquisition : 20 to 30 mA
 During Radio transmission : 70 mA @ 18 dBm
 During Idle : < 30 uA
External power supply
+8V to +28V
Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery
capacity of 1.25 Ah
External Power Supply
Wall plug-in, Switchmode power Supply 12V @ 1,25A with sealed M8 Plug (IP67/Nema 6)
Ref: M8-PWR-12V
M8 extension cable for external power supply
Molded cable with M8-3pins male plug
Material: PVC with shield protection
IP Rating :  IP67 | Nema 6
Cable length: 2 meters , Ref: CBL-M8-2M
Cable length : 5 meters, Ref: CBL-M8-5M
Cable length: 10 meters, Ref: CBL-M8-10M
Calibration certificate
Calibration certificate provided by Beanair GmbH
A static calibration method is used on a granite surface plate DIN876


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