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The IOA’s Good Practice in Building Acoustic Measurements Event

We headed up to the Building Performance Hub for The Good Practice in Building Acoustic Measurements Event Hosted by the Institute of Acoustics. We had a fantastic time where John Shelton conducted stability and DODEC directionality training using the DL103 speaker and the 971A.

Aidan attended with John and Sibo, we asked Aidan how he found the event:

‘It was important for us to be at the show to also support the BCTA whom we are an equipment supplier for.

The impressive facilities are perfect for a show that was designed to discuss building acoustics as they have a full house built inside of the facilities. John Shelton used our DODEC speakers with built in amplifiers to demonstrate how to test DODEC’s for directivity and stability, a key measurement requirement for building regulations.

We discussed with Members of the IOA tools that could help them save time and money by automating their workflow processes for taking measurements for sound installation testing. It was surprising for us to see that many members are still using traditional methods for testing, this would include using an Excel spreadsheet with built in macros or they would be using expensive instrumentation add on software.

Our users, simply connect to our free of charge mobile and tablet applications (IOS and Android) and this allows users to go through each test simply and to a repeatable standard. This also means that any grade of acoustic consultant can follow a path set out by the consultancy, removing mistakes, and improving efficiency.

We know from discussing with IOA members at this show, that saving time to improve efficiency is a key improvement point they are looking to make and so seeing the building acoustics APP and the Svantek 971A hardware in action in a perfect test environmental meant it was a worthwhile trip!’

It was a fantastic event, seeing a lot of familiar faces and meeting some great people.



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