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We can help with many types of software including the integration of a transducer database for common transducer types (microphones, accelerometers, voltmeters, tachometers, thermometers and hygrometers), multi-analysis function including signal recording, octave analyser, FFT analyser, sound level meter, tachometer and auxiliary channels.

We work with a number of different providers of software, and which is best for you is very much down to what you want to do, what equipment you have and how big your budget is! For many people, the software that comes with the instrument they purchased can do much of what they need but for others, they need specific routines or to do much more in-depth analysis.

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Need to get your equipment calibrated? Why not use our hassle-free service! We provide return shipping as standard and can arrange collection if required. Find out more about our purpose built lab: