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Win a Free Calibration for your 307A

The SV 307A Class 1 noise monitoring station is an all-in-one environmental noise monitoring station based on a patented MEMS microphone technology. Over the years, it has become a staple of the acoustic monitoring world for its exceptional reputation, versatile uses, durable design, and weatherproof case.

With an operating temperature from -20°C to a scorching 60°C, the 307A can survive the most hostile of environments, leading to it being used globally, from London to Dubai.

This has led to them becoming very popular among noise consultants, construction companies, local councils along with many other businesses.

When we say the 307A is everywhere, we mean it. You cannot go 10 minutes in London without seeing the distinctive white tube on a balcony, outside a window or next to a construction site.

That’s why we’re want to see how you are using your 307A.

We are asking for photos of the 307A in use, whether that be overlooking a sunset in a field, watching a city skyline, hanging off the ceiling of a warehouse. As long as your 307A is in the photo, your entry is valid.

Whoever sends in the best photo will win a calibration on their 307A, completely free of charge, ensuring that your winning piece of equipment is performing at the peak of its powers.

To enter, send in your photos to sales@svantek.co.uk or post it on LinkedIn and tag us @SvantekUK 


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