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Sinus Messtechnik

SINUS Messtechnik is an internationally renowned manufacturer of sound and vibration measurement equipment. Their brand stands for reliability and innovation. They developed their first PC-based acoustic measurement system, SYMPHONIE, as early as 1996 and successfully marketed it with support from their partners. They continued this success story with the Apollo and Soundbook_MK2 and set new benchmarks for acoustic measurement equipment with their SAMURAI software package.

SINUS Messtechnik provide their customers with an extensive range of sophisticated instruments including software options for the most common application fields for sound and vibration analysis. Available options include environmental noise / event monitoring, building vibration, building acoustics, room acoustics / speaker systems, occupational safety (industrial hygiene), psycho-acoustics, sound power, noise source identification (sound intensity), vibration, frequency analysis, structural and modal analysis, vehicle noise (NVH), aircraft noise, multi-channel data acquisition, material testing, force measurement, etc. The possibility to expand the software with new options enables them to continuously open up new application fields.

Sinus Messtechnik

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