Mid-High Frequency VVS

The mid-high frequency volume velocity source, MHVVS, is completely redesigned to deliver a final product that on any aspect drives it to a higher level. The improved performance going hand in hand with a user friendly experience, puts it top of your mind when looking for a sound source.






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This omni-directional noise source is equipped with a Microflown particle velocity sensor on the tip of its nozzle, being the only source capable of directly measuring the radiated volume velocity for a broad frequency range with unparalleled accuracy.
The source is capable of generating high excitation levels in order to properly excite the sound field under study. An integrated amplifier eliminates the need for external amplifiers and ensuring the best performance going hand in hand with a user-friendly experience.

In the automotive market, a common application where sound sources are applied is transfer path analysis, airborne source quantification and panel contribution analysis. Furthermore, to optimise, troubleshoot and validate sound packages, from BIW, prototype to final model. Rapidly with the source very locally with high accuracy structures can be excited or fast reciprocal transfer functions measured. Not only full vehicles but also the vibro-acoustic behaviour of components like engines, air conditioning units etc. can be measured. The sound source level in combination with the frequency range makes this source a versatile measurement device designed to meet the needs of NVH R&D departments.

Features include:

  • Broad frequency range of 300Hz – 12kHz
  • High power output, max Sound Power Level of 107 dB
  • Direct volume velocity measurement
  • Integrated particle velocity sensor
  • Embedded amplifier, making it compact & user friendly
  • Fast reciprocal transfer function acquisition


  • Acoustic transfer functions
  • Panel noise contribution analysis
  • Transfer path analysis
  • Airborne source quantification
  • Component vibroacoustic behaviour characterisation
Frequency range300 – 12.000Hz
Omni-directionality (±2 dB)300 – 6.000 Hz
Omni-directionality (±4 dB)300 – 12.000 Hz
Sound power level107 dB re 1 pW
Sound pressure level @1 m96 dB re 20 uPa
Input signal nominal0 dBV (1 Vrms)
Sound source (diameter , length)∅ 20 cm , 9.5 cm
Hose (diameter , length)∅ 4.4 cm , 300 cm
Nozzle (diameter , length)∅ 1.4 cm , 9 cm
MaterialBlack anodized aluminum


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