Svantek UK

About AcSoft Ltd and Svantek UK

Svantek UK was formed in January 2011 as a joint venture between Svantek and AcSoft Ltd, who previously distributed Svantek’s products in the UK.

Svantek UK was set up as a sister company to AcSoft Ltd in order to expand the market for high quality sound & vibration measurement instrumentation.

This joint venture further builds the European business of Svantek based in Poland and runs alongside current ventures in Spain, Italy and Germany. This is a major step for Svantek to further increase market share in the UK.

Svantek are a world leading manufacturer of noise and vibration monitoring instrumentation.

Since 1994, AcSoft Ltd has made its name as the UK distributor for the world’s best noise and vibration analysers. Its founder, John Shelton, is renowned as one the UK’s leading experts in noise monitoring solutions. AcSoft’s product range currently includes market leading brands like Sinus, Microflown, gfai tech and Listen.

AcSoft and Svantek UK are leaders in noise, air quality and vibration instrumentation. Our mission is to provide you with solutions that will save you both time and money. As a customer of ours you will benefit from our excellent support services, which includes on site field visits and custom training programmes that will ensure you feel comfortable and confident in what is an extremely difficult industry.

Our hardware and supporting packages are aligned to our message; they are simple and built to provide you with a robust and time saving solution.

As a family run business we invite our customers to become part of our team.

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