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Microtech Gefell

Microtech Gefell designs, manufactures and supplies microphones and acoustic systems. A highly customer and application-focused approach is taken to develop and create optimally designed products that meet real-world demands in terms of performance, durability and their practical daily use.

Every single product is assembled by hand by their specialists, then tested and calibrated. The vast, combined experience of their team ensures that product quality is maintained too the highest level and indeed, continuously improving.
Even the complete manufacturing process is, as far as possible, carried out in-house, and ranges from fabricating the membranes, the microphone capsules, and the electronics, right through to the housings and the mechanical components.

Microtech Gefell products have earned a worldwide reputation amongst professional users as precise and reliable acoustic measurement tools for all industries including environmental applications, automotive, aerospace and research and development.

Microtech Gefell

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