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Noise, Vibration and Dust are all around us, whether from a construction site, or near an airport or windfarm. Limits are typically applied by local authorities, which must be strictly maintained, requiring a reliable and accurate monitoring system running 24/7 with maximum uptime.

Weatherproofing is required for outdoor systems, as well as power backup which can take the form of advanced solar panel solutions. Often, many points are monitored, and interdependency requires multichannel systems, often with alerts and remote communication. Web-based interfaces are now standard, allowing remote data download and configuration of monitoring devices.

Noise monitoring requires Class 1 instrumentation, with appropriate corrections for location. Vibration monitoring will cover human nuisance as well as building protection. Often museums and historic buildings have critical limits applied. Air quality is a major issue for demolition sites, for control of dust, and systems often have to be integrated into weather monitoring parameters.

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