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The use of multi-channel data acquisition and its analysis is fundamental to all industry, in applications from product development to plant monitoring. These systems are utilised in multiple sectors such as R&D, automotive, manufacturing, power generation and aerospace, to name just a few.

Sensors of all types, for example, for measuring noise, vibration, strain and temperature, can be connected to literally hundreds of channels, acquiring data on a single DAQ system for subsequent analysis and reporting.

Centralising data collation and analysis across multiple production sites is also possible as expectation of remote access to acquisition systems becomes the norm. Networking, and automation of data synchronisation in the cloud, for live monitoring and alerting, therefore, is another feature of current acquisition systems - another aspect to consider when choosing the most appropriate solution.

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What makes IMMI software for noise prediction and dispersion of air pollutants different, and why are people switching from it's direct competitor to IMMI?
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