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SV 104BIS Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter

The intrinsically safe dosimeter is a noise dosimeter designed by the ATEX directive and the IECEx performance specifications. The intrinsically safe dosimeter is typically used in occupational noise measurements in areas such as mines and petrochemical plants where it is necessary to secure intrinsic safety.


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The dosimeter is covered by a 3-year warranty and a life-time warranty for the patented MEMS microphone. The intrinsically safe dosimeter uses a new type of docking station for fast data transfer and quick battery recharging.

The SV 104BIS is the newest version (2022) of an intrinsically safe noise dosimeter. Like its predecessor, the SV 104BIS is a cable-free dosimeter and is typically attached to the user’s shoulder, close to the ear using the mounting clips supplied.

Among the unique features of the new model, the software is automatic noise dose calculation, sound pressure level logging, audio recording, octave band frequency analysis, and auto-calibration. The new ATEX dosimeter has an 8GB memory and fast data transfer via new docking stations. The new Bluetooth® interface enables previewing current results on a mobile app.

SV 104BIS Specification

Number of channels1
Intrisic safety
Self-vibration detection
Remote system check
Keyboard lock
Remote communication
Communication InterfacesBluetooth, Electrical contacts (docking station required)
LED indicator
Keyboard3 push buttons
Memory8 GB
Battery typeLi-Ion rechargeable cell
Operating time45 hours
Operating temperature range-10 °C ÷ +50 °C
Humidity rangeup to 90 % RH
Weight117 g
Size88 x 49.5 x 19.2 mm
IP rateIP 65
Docking station required

Sound measurements features

StandardsEC 61252 ed1.1 (2002); ANSI S1.25-1991 (R2007); Class 2 IEC 61672-1 ed2.0 (2013)
Type approvalsYes
Microphone typeST 104B MEMS
Preamplifier typeIntegrated
Linear operating range to IEC 6167253 dBA RMS ÷ 143 dBA Peak
Total measurement range46 dBA RMS ÷ 143 dBA Peak
Frequency range20 Hz ÷ 10 kHz
Weighting filtersA, C and Z
Time constantsSlow, Fast, Impulse
Exchange rates2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Criterion levelsselectable
Profiles per channel3 with independent settings of filters (x) and time constants (y)
Min logging step1s
Statistics in octaves or third octaves
Audio recordingoption
Voice coments
1/1 octaveoption
1/3 octaveoption


Health & Safety

From the Noise at Work Act to the Physical Agents Directive (Vibration) we have instrumentation to ensure you stay within the law.

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