Svantek UK


In our field we use measurement microphones for sound, Microflown's for particle velocity and accelerometers for vibration.We source our measurement microphones from Microtech Gefell, who are considered as the engineers choice as every single product is assembled by hand by their specialists, then tested and calibrated. The vast, combined experience of their team ensures that product quality is maintained too the highest level and indeed, continuously improving.The advantages of being an independent distributor means that for vibration measurement we can select the best sensor for your application. Whether you need geophones, piezoelectric or MEMS accelerometers or a dynamic pressure transducer, we have a solution for all.

Measurement Microphones

Robust microphones for noise, vibration and harshness testing.


Whether you need piezoelectric accelerometers, dynamic pressure transducers or geophones, we source the very best sensors for your needs.

Velocity & Sound Intensity Probes

Measure sound pressure and particle velocity at the same time with our PU probes.

Knowledge Hub

Today, we are at the Reproduced Sound event. Stop by our stand to speak with our experts about our range of solutions, including SoundCheck from Listen, Inc.