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BTC-4149 and BQC-4149 Bluetooth Measurement Interfaces

Listen offers 2 Bluetooth interfaces from Portland Tool & Die, the laboratory-grade BTC-4149 and the low cost BQC-4149 for production line use. These are ideal for measuring and characterizing Bluetooth audio devices including handsets, headsets, speakers, car kits and other devices with Bluetooth audio input or output.


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The BTC-4149 and BQC-4149 interface your Bluetooth device to the SoundCheck test system offering full control over all Bluetooth protocol settings and explicit control over the CODEC choice, and transmitter power. This enables devices to be specifically tested under the conditions that they need to operate, and enables comparison of characteristics such as frequency response using different compression algorithms or sample rates.

BTC-4148 Research Grade Bluetooth Measurement Interface

The BTC-4149 measures both Bluetooth sink devices (e.g. headsets, speakers and car kits) and Bluetooth source devices (e.g. phones and dongles), offering a comprehensive range of features for R&D users. These include:

  • Bluetooth 3.0 compliant RF interface
  • Comprehensive suite of codecs, protocols and other parameters including:
    • A2DP: SBC and aptX, aptX HD and aptX low latency codecs
    • Hands Free Protocol (HFP) and Headset Protocol (HSP): CVSD and mSBC codecs
  • Full control over bluetooth protocol settings, codec choice and transmitter power
  • Control via colour touch-screen panel on the front of the instrument, or directly via SoundCheck
  • Pairing via inquiry/discovery or directly by device address
  • The host interfaces via USB for both audio and control data and a parallel SPDIF interface for audio data. Audio is always transported in the digital domain to maximize measurement fidelity

BQC-4148 Production Line Bluetooth Interface

The BQC-4148 Bluetooth interface is designed for high volume production line testing of Bluetooth sink devices such as headsets, speakers and car kits. Features include:

  • Rugged and compact, measuring just 30x64x136mm
  • Simple to setup and use with just one USB connection to the computer for power and control
  • Bluetooth 3.0 compliant RF interface
  • Includes codecs required for Bluetooth sink testing including:
    • A2DP: SBC codecs
    • Headset Protocol (HSP): CVSD and mSBC codecs
  • Control over the codec choice, and transmitter power
  • Control via the USB virtual com port using a command line utility, or from within SoundCheck for simple integration with your test sequences
  • Uses the same internal components as the BTC-4148 to guarantee that measurements made with one can be reproduced with the other
  • Low cost

Comparison of the BTC-4149 Research Grade and the BQC-4149 Production Line Bluetooth Interfaces

Test Bluetooth Sink Devices (headsets, speakers and car kits)XX
Test Bluetooth Source Devices (phones and dongles)X
User InterfaceTouchscreen/USB (SoundCheck compatible)USB (SoundCheck Compatible)
Digital Audio InterfaceSPDIF / USBUSB
Bluetooth RF InterfaceN-typeSMA
Bluetooth RFTransmit Power: +4 dBm; Receive Sensitivity: -88 dBmTransmit Power: +4 dBm; Receive Sensitivity: -88 dBm
Bluetooth SpecificationBluetooth 3.0 compliantBluetooth 3.0 compliant
Bluetooth ProfilesA2DP HFP/HSPA2DP HSP
Bluetooth ModesSource, SinkSource
A2DPSBC, aptX, aptX HD, aptX Low-LatencySBC
HFP/HSPVoice (CVSD), Wide-Band Voice (mSBC)Voice (CVSD), Wide-Band Voice (mSBC)
CompatibilityWindows and MacWindows and Mac
Dimensions (H x W x D)86mm x 271mm x 211mm30mm x 64mm x 140mm
Weight1.6 kg0.18 kg
Power12VDC, 24W power input. Supplied with universal 100-240 VAC / 50 – 60 Hz power supplyUSB Bus

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