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Scan & Paint 2D

Scan&Paint 2D is a tool to visualise stationary sound fields with an unmatched spatial resolution in full acoustic bandwidth. The system is a superb engineering tool for troubleshooting or benchmarking all kinds of objects on the spot. It only takes a few minutes to complete and entire measurement campaign. Results of the scan are translated by the software into a colour map, superimposed on a photograph of the measured object, allowing to find the origin of noise.






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Sound source localisation is an important topic in the field of sound & vibration, from product development stage till end of line quality control. The Scan & Paint 2D system is a portable, all-in-one box solution for acoustic measurements. It is a simple and unique tool, which will allow you visualise any stationary sound field in almost any measurement environment. Offering unmatched spatial resolution in full acoustic bandwidth (20Hz to 10kHz). The method is very simple; the surface is scanned with one PU probe while a camera is films the scanning. The recorded video and audio data are automatically synchronised. For each frame of the video the probes positions is extracted automatically by colour marking recognition. Resulting in sound represented in a colour map overlaid on a photograph of the measured object, thus allowing to visualise the origin of noise.

Features include

  • Broadband Solution: 20Hz – 10kHz
  • Fast & Easy, results in minutes
  • High resolution mapping of:
    · Particle velocity, Sound intensity & Sound pressure
    · Sound pressure contribution (available with the TPA module)
    · Transmission loss coefficient (available with the TL module)
    · Absorption coefficient (available with In-Situ Absorption add-on)
  • Applicable in (real) operating environments
  • Sound Power calculation
  • Reference sensor option for phase correlation and ODS
  • Portable, single sensor solution


  • Noise source identification
  • Noise ranking
  • Vehicle acoustics
  • Component testing
  • Powertrain NVH
  • Troubleshooting
  • Benchmarking

Expand to have advanced & specific analysis options:

A reference sensor can be added to preserve the relative phase of the measured particle velocity distribution. This feature enables the user to plot and study the dynamic behaviour of samples (Operational deflection shapes). Furthermore, the capabilities of the Scan & Paint 2D system can be easily expanded thanks to additional software modules, like the Scan & Paint TPA or the Scan & Paint TL. The transfer path analysis module (TPA) will allow you to calculate and visualise the sound pressure contribution to an arbitrarily chosen reference point. The Transmission loss module (TL) is a tool specifically designed to allow using the Scan & Paint 2D system for in situ transmission loss measurements. Regardless of the purpose of your measurement, it will only take a few minutes to complete an entire Scan & Paint 2D measurement campaign.

SoftwareProduct Code
Scan&Paint 2D | Base moduleSW-S&P
In-situ transmission loss | Sub-moduleSW-S&P-TL
Scan&Paint TPA | Sub-moduleSW-S&P-TPA
Advanced Tracking | Sub-moduleSW-S&P-TR


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