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SvanPC++ Masterclass – Harnessing the Power of Svantek Equipment

SvanPC++ is a powerful PC software that compliments the Svantek measurement ecosystem, including SV 10x, and SVAN97x series. It supports a wide range of functionality, such as downloading measurement data, creating setups, presenting results and more. The best part? It is completely free with any piece of Svantek equipment, with the option extend its use with a selection of low cost add-ons.

Our technical support team often receive questions on how to get the best out of SvanPC++, so don’t miss this chance to register for our master class webinar!

What will you learn?

  • Navigating the interface: Sibo will be providing a guided tour of the SvanPC++ interface, ensuring that you understand how to get around what can be a complex UI.
  • Viewing and Analysing data: With large amounts of data, it is crucial that you can easily view and understand this data. You will be taken through how to analyse the data you are recording.

Using the SvanPC++ Environmental Module:

If you regularly work on environmental projects and often find yourself using systems such as the MOLES kit or SV 307A and the SV 200A, then the environmental extension to SvanPC++ is something that is highly recommended. The SvanPC++ Environmental Monitoring module is PC software for data post-processing. The main software applications are environmental noise monitoring and ground and building vibrations.

This talk is suitable for Environmental Noise and Vibration Consultants, Occupational Health and Safety Professionals or anyone looking to understand SvanPC++ more.

About our speaker

Sibo is part of our in house technical support team. He has expertise diagnosing hardware, software faults, technical and application problems related to Svantek products. Sibo has attended Svantek HQ numerous times to receive training. There is no one better equipped to provide training on SvanPC++!

Our SvanPC++ webinar will be running on Thursday 11th April at 10:30AM. Sign up is completely free 



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