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Silica Exposure, Assessment and Prevention

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Sensidyne on our hugely successful Silica Webinar. Founded in 1983, Sensidyne was established as a manufacturer and distributor of gas detection and air sampling instrumentation and a major supplier of gas detection tubes. The company vision is “to be the leading provider of trusted air monitoring solutions in the realms of worker safety, loss prevention and air quality”.

Millions of workers are occupationally exposed to Silica on a regular basis. Amongst the most at risk are construction workers, heavy equipment operators and plasterers. An estimated 600,000 workers are exposed to silica each year in the UK. A 2019 occupational and environmental medicine study of UK silica cases co-authored by researches from HSE’s Centre for Workplace Health concluded: “Silicosis remains an important health problem in the UK affecting workers of all ages across a wide range of industries traditionally associated with silica exposure”. It added “the majority of workers reported to have silicosis were still of working age”.

The author noted: “Silicosis was reported in young workers across all industry groups, with around one in six of all silicosis cases affecting workers under the age of 46 years”.

Aaron Apostolico, a Certified Industrial Hygienist and the Product Applications and Research Manager at Sensidyne, was the guest speaker who covered the following topics:

  • What is silica
  • Why is silica a problem
  • Crystalline silica rules
  • International regulations
  • World health statistics
  • Industries and operations with exposures
  • Case studies
  • Sampling strategies
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Silica methods
  • Conclusion

This webinar offers invaluable insights for professionals in the health and safety sector and individuals keen on broadening their understanding of personal air quality monitoring.

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