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AcSoft Launches Brand New 10 Year Extended Warranty Programme

When you purchase a Svantek product and register it (within three months of purchase), you receive a 36 month warranty as standard.

Here at AcSoft we are so confident in the Svantek equipment, that we are now extending the standard warranty by 7 years! Yes you read that correctly, 7 years!! Taking the total time your equipment will be under warranty, to a total of 10 years! The 10 year extended warranty will cover you for everything the same as the standard warranty.

To be eligible for the extended warranty we ask that you calibrate your system with us every 12 months. As part of the service when you send your kit to us, it will under go a full service and calibration to make sure it is still operating to the highest quality as the day you purchased it. All our checks are conducted to IEC 61672:3  standards.

All warranty repairs will be carried out at the AcSoft technical service centre, which is made up of our a team who have undergone specific product training at Svantek HQ.

The extended warranty programme will be available for the following kit:

By enrolling into the extended warranty programme, you can have the peace of mind that your kit is still operating to the highest quality, which ultimately means you can have complete trust in your data gathered.

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