Svantek UK

Noise & Vibration Measurement Systems

At AcSoft we carry a range of complete noise & vibration measurement systems such as sound level meters, vibration metres, and digital sound level meters which are ideal for sound level and frequency analysis. We provide a wide range of systems from well-known manufacturers including Svantek, Sinus and more. We also stock in-situ absorption, Scan & Listen and Scan & Paint from Microflown along with acoustic cameras from gfai tech.

Noise Monitoring

Class 1 and Class 2 noise monitoring solutions for environmental and personal noise.

Sound Level Meters

Class 1 and Class 2 sound level meters for measuring occupational and environmental noise and building acoustics.

Vibration Level Meters

A range of human vibration and vibration analysers.

Outdoor Noise Monitoring

Short and long-term noise monitors for construction, environmental and industrial noise measurement.

Noise Dosimeters

Portable, wireless, personal noise exposure meters for occupational and workplace noise monitoring.

Vibration Dosimeters

Portable, wireless (Bluetooth) vibration exposure meters suitable for whole-body, hand-arm or environmental measurements.

Noise & Vibration Monitoring Software

Cost-effective software for processing noise and vibration data.

Sound Power Monitoring

A range of sound power measurement solutions for identifying characteristics of sound sources.

Vibration Monitoring

Market leading vibration monitoring equipment for both short and long term vibration monitoring applications.

Knowledge Hub

Today, we are at the Reproduced Sound event. Stop by our stand to speak with our experts about our range of solutions, including SoundCheck from Listen, Inc.