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Common Calibration Issues and How We’re Solving Them

We’ve spoken to thousands of business owners in noise & vibration monitoring over the years, and one common issue that they talk about is the problems they’ve had using 3rd party calibration providers.

Issues such as slow turnarounds causing delays to projects and unreliable calibrations that mean their equipment is back in the lab within a few weeks. With the added problem of extortionate prices.

This all culminates into an area of your business that is not only negatively affecting your profit, but also frustrating your customers/staff as they wait on your equipment.

If these problems sound familiar, then it is time to change the calibration lab that you’re using.

How We Can Solve These Problems

If you were offered a calibration lab that has fast turnarounds, reliable calibrations and collection services, all for a lower cost, you’d take it in a heartbeat. At AcSoft, we pride ourselves on our exceptional calibration lab. We’ve taken issues that we have seen commonplace and set out to remedy those.

We are also a Svantek service centre, if our calibrations pick up any issues with your equipment then we will repair it and replace it within a few days.

Check out our video that explains why you should be choosing us for your calibration needs.

Why you should choose AcSoft for your calibration needs

Why is Calibration Important.

When you’re measuring something as accurately as you do with noise, vibration and air quality, it is crucial that you know the results are what they say they are. This is made even more important by the environments that these pieces of equipment are used in, such as building sites where rain, dust and corrosive substances can affect measurements.

Typically you should have your equipment calibrated every 2 years, and your calibrator every 1 year.

If you’re interested in transforming how you get your equipment calibrated, get in touch with the calibration team.



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