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NoisePAD is a new class of 4-channel real-time analyzer for noise & vibration. The combination of a robust 8” tablet and analyser meets the standard MIL 810.

NoisePAD with the software SAMURAI is a 4-channel sound level meter according to IEC 61672 with class 0 real-time third-octave filters according to IEC 1260 and FFT-analyser. The measuring system allows the recording of audio signals up to 20 kHz bandwidth.

All connectors are protected against water and dust with rubber protection cups. The NoisePAD allows you to work practically everywhere – in the office as well as outdoor with 12 h autonomy with onboard 4G, GPS and WiFi.


  • Occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Engineering services
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development
  • Sound level measurements
  • Frequency analysis
  • Signal recording
  • Human vibration measurements
  • Pass-by noise measurements
  • Machinery vibration measurements
  • Modal analysis
  • Order analysis
  • Structural analysis


IEC 61672-1: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60651: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 60804: Class 1 sound level meter

IEC 61260: Class 1 filter

DIN EN SO 8041, ISO-2631, ISO 5349, ISO-8662, UNI-2614, UNI-11048 and UNI-9916:
HVMA weighting filters

DIN ISO 7919, ISO 2954, ISO 10816:
Evaluation of mechanical vibration


SAMURAI is our universal software package for the real-time noise and vibration analysis and offers comprehensive evaluation functions for post-processing. SAMURAI includes IEC 61672-1 standard sound level meters and 1/3 octaves according to IEC 61260.

The SINUS Measurement Toolbox for MATLAB® (SMT) provides the functionality of the globally established engineering tool MATLAB®.

Integrated PC

Device basis: 8″ Tablet PC
Finish IP54 magnesium case
Processor Intel ATOM Cherrytrail
Display Bright 8″ TFT 1024 x600
Storage medium 128 GByte SSD
Interface 12x USB, WLAN, Bluetooth, SD-Card, 4G-modem, HDMI, GPS, 2x Kamera
Operating system Windows 10, multiple languages


General technical specifications of NoisePAD™
Input channels 4
Plug type Lemo NIM-CAMAC (BNC Adaptor cable available)
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC … 51.2kHz @ 4 channels
Dynamic range 110dB
Noise < 1μV(A), < 2μV(Z) @ 0.1Hz … 20 kHz
Sample rates 200Hz to 51.2 kHz
Decimation up to 200Hz sample rate, selectable per channel
Anti-aliasing filter yes
Max. input voltage ±10Vpeak @ head room of 1dB
Gain 0dB, 20dB
Over-voltage detection yes, automatically with self-calibration
Phase shift < 0.1° @ 20Hz … 20 kHz
Offset correction yes, automatically at internal calibration
Imput coupling DC, AC 0.15Hz, HP 1Hz, HP 10Hz, LP 2kHz
ICP supply 2 mA
Cable error detection yes, for ICP sensors
TEDS according to IEEE 1451.4 yes
Output channel
Resolution 24 bit
Bandwidth DC … 20 kHz
Max. output voltage ±3.16Vpeak
Plug type Lemo NIM-CAMAC (BNC Adaptor cable available)
Special channels
Trigger 2x trigger / tacho, trigger level adjustable 0.1Hz … 6 MHz
Plug type Lemo NIM-CAMAC (BNC Adaptor cable available)
Synchronisation no
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions 226 mm x 156 mm x 28 mm
Weight 950 g
Battery Lithium-ion battery, 12 h measurement capacity
External power supply 100 … 240VAC or 5 VDC with adaptors
Environmental conditions
Protection class IP54 / IP50 without with Lemo NIM-CAMAC protecting caps
Shock resistance complies with MIL-STD 810F
Humidity 30% … 90%
Temperature range -10°C … +50°C
Storage conditions -20°C … +60°C, 95% humidity maximum
Emissions complies with EN50081-1
Immissions complies with EN50082-1
Order details
903000.2 NoisePad_4C
Order details NoisePAD accessories
802165.4 NoisePad_carrying case
903010.7 NoisePad_docking
601370.3 NoisePad power supply
978074.4A CAMAC/BNCw Adapter cable 0.25 m
978070.3A CAMAC/BNC cable 1.5 m
978071.1 CAMAC/BNC cable 3 m
978072.8 CAMAC/BNC cable 10 m
978065.6 CAMAC/UNF10-32 cable 1.5 m
978066.4 CAMAC/UNF10-32 cable 3 m
801729.7 SIS190 1/2″ sound intensity probe USB

Download the datasheet here