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Hubble Kit SVAN 977D Weatherproof System

An ideal solution to anyone who needs a powerful yet small and lightweight sound meter system that is capable of being used both indoors and outdoors.



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The SV 977D is a Class 1 Sound and Vibration meter designed for building acoustics, occupational noise and environmental noise measurements.

The meter is a successor of SVAN 977A offering new 1/2” microphone MK255 providing designed for acoustical measurements in research and development and also for industrial use. lt is designed and very carefully constructed to ensure excellent long-time stability of the electro acoustical parameters.

One unique feature of the SV 977D is ultrasound measurement band up to 40 kHz. The ultrasound band is normally considered as the frequency range above 20 kHz. This is often used in industrial processes like cleaning, drilling or welding but can also be used in hospitals for medical procedures.

The built-in Bluetooth® interface together with smart-phone applications like Building Acoustics App and SvanMobile, extends measurement capabilities with all the features offered by smartphones including text/voice comments, photo, video, GPS position etc.

The kit consists of SVAN   977D Class 1 sound & vibration level meter with a detachable preamplifier SV 12L and high-quality MK255 microphone. Each SVAN     977D has its factory calibration certificate and 36 months warranty card.

Main applications:

  • Sound measurements
  • Environmental noise
  • Occupational noise
  • Building acoustics
  • Ultrasound/infrasound
  • High level/low level noise
  • Machine vibration

The SVAN 977 Weatherproof System Features:

  • Over 192 Hours Run Time
  • ‘Hot-Swap’ for battery replacement in the field without turning off the sound meter
  • Tough, weatherproof case withstanding 900Kg loads
  • External weatherproof connectors
  • Optional plug-in weather-proof power supply giving an impressive 40 day run time (approximate)


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