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SV 803 Building & Ground Vibration Monitoring Station

The SV 803 has been developed for both short and long-term vibration monitoring applications. Designed for wireless vibration monitoring of both building and ground vibrations in a variety of environmental conditions, this device utilises geophones as its primary vibration sensors.


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Compatible with SvanNET

The SV 803 Building & Ground Vibration Monitoring Station can be used with SvanNET for remote communication and automatic monitoring services.

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Geophones are well-known for their high sensitivity and, more importantly, their minimal impact on battery life. This means that the SV 803 can measure vibrations for prolonged periods without the need for frequent battery charging. The vibration monitoring terminal features a battery life of up to 6 months and, when connected to a solar panel, it can sustain ongoing operation.

The brand new SV 803 building and ground vibration monitor has been engineered to meet the rigorous performance specifications of Class 1 as outlined in ISO 4866, BS 7385-1, and DIN 45669-1. These superior specifications enable the device to conduct building and ground vibration monitoring in accordance with measurement techniques outlined in DIN 4150-3 and BS 7385-2. The Class 1 classification of the device makes it an ideal choice for both engineering analysis and field monitoring, as it is capable of providing reliable and accurate measurements.

The SV 803 measures triaxial velocity and calculates peak particle velocity and dominant frequency value simultaneously. In addition to logging overall values and frequency spectra, the time domain signal is stored for post processing purposes.

FFT is used for dominant frequency determination according to BS and DIN standards. Alternatively, the RMS or PEAK velocity spectrum in 1/3 octave bands can be used for comparison with user curves.

Building Vibration: Compliant with DIN 4150-3 and BS 7385-2

The choice of building vibration standard and the type of building (curve) enables the vibration velocity measurements according to with commonly used standards such as DIN 4150-3 or BS7385-2 that use peak particle velocity and dominant frequency method.

Dust & Meteo: Integrate a Weather Station and Dust Meter

The vibration monitoring data as well as meteo and dust will be integrated within SvanNET projects, accessible online.

Mobile Application: Access the SV 803 on iPhone, Android or PC

Bluetooth connection gives full control of the system using any web browsing device like a mobile phone or tablet. The mobile application allows you to control the measurement (start/stop), configure measurement parameters, and view the measurement results.

What’s Included?

Equipped with a built-in 4G modem and Bluetooth connectivity for easy data transfer. The package includes a number of essential components to ensure accurate and efficient monitoring. The SB 803 exchangeable battery pack provides long-lasting power, while the SB 83 battery charger ensures that the battery pack is always ready for use. The SA 800 levelling mounting base ensures that the monitoring station is stable and level, while the SC 816 USB-A cable facilitates data transfer. The ST 801 vertical geophone and the two ST 802 horizontal geophones are designed to detect vibrations in different directions. The SA 82 torque screwdriver is included for easy installation, and the SA 83 32 GB memory card provides ample storage for data logging.

SV 803 Technical Specifications


Building/ground vibration
Hardware Features
Number of channels3
Self-vibration detection
Remote system checkYes
Remote communicationYes
GPS moduleYes
Communication Interfaces4G, Bluetooth, 2xWEIPU
LED indicatorYes
Keyboard3 pushing buttons
Memory32 GB
Battery typeLi-Ion battery
Operating timeUNLIMITED with SB 803 battery pack and solar panel in power saving mode
Operating temperature range-10 °C ÷ +50 °C
Weight3,5 kg including battery and mounting platform
Size163 x 128 x 115 mm
IP rateIP67


Vibration measurement features
StandardsDIN 45699-1:2020-06; ISO 4866:2010, Class 1; IEC 61260:2014, Class 1
Number of channels3
Sensor typeTri-axial geophone
Measurement range3 um/s RMS ÷ 100 mm/s RMS (141 mm/s Peak)
Frequency range0,8 Hz ÷ 400 Hz (-3 dB)
Profiles per channel3
Weighting filtersDIN 80, DIN 315, VEL1, KB
Time constantsFast 125 ms in accordance to DIN 4150-2
Min logging step1s
1/1 octave
1/3 octave
WAV recording



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