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In acoustics many people often consider acoustic imaging and the methods used somewhat of a dark art. In fact the tools are often perceived to be at the “exotic” end of the spectrum (no pun intended) as far as acoustic  measurement systems are concerned.

At AcSoft we have a more objective view of these imaging solutions, having had collectively over 20 years of experience with them in locating and characterising noises and sound-fields of sources, from power plants to surface-mount components on PCBs.

We therefore now offer an acoustic imaging technical service where we can undertake the complete process from measurement to delivering detailed analysis in a report. Alternatively, we can support you according to the service level selected in our service overview. For example, we can train you to undertake the complete process, or simply support you in the measurement and its analysis.

The key is to qualify the requirements thoroughly for the project. This includes acquiring information on the acoustic and environmental conditions of the measurement location and target, the frequency range of interest, nature of the noise type, and ideally a WAV file for initial review. We then consider the optimum tool or tools for the task and the planning for the measurement. Like any measurement, defining objectives for the analysis is essential, in order to maximise the use of time spent at the measurement location and produce a meaningful report as quickly as possible.

The objective is to work as closely as possible with your team to enable us to support delivery of the analysis and reporting to expectation. So please note, an NDA is sometimes required and be assured that we are always conscious that our clients themselves are reporting to their clients in turn, and the utmost discretion is always observed.

The AcSoft technical service is equipped with a variety of cutting edge kit to tackle the majority of measurements.  Both near and far-field techniques are at our disposal, primarily working with acoustic cameras and particle velocity-based measurement systems from leading providers such as gfai tech, Microflown, and most recently SevenBel with their recently launched innovative Sound Scanner.

We will refund 50% of the hire or consultancy service if you purchase the kit that was used, within two weeks of the invoice!

For more information, or to find out how our technical services team could support you with your next project, contact us.

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