PU Regular Gen2

The PU Regular Gen2 represents state-of-the-art technology when it comes to PU probes. Designed for durability, packaging the unique sensing technology in a rugged, robust probe housing.


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The Microflown PU probe is well-known for being the world’s first acoustic probe capable of measuring sound pressure and particle velocity directly and physically at the same position. Driven by innovation, a leap in performance was achieved, by literally reaching higher levels, with the highest dynamic range ever to be accomplished in a PU probe. Microflown know the repeatability of your measurements matters, that’s why their Gen2 probe is designed to be compatible Class 1 Microflown Sound Calibrator for field calibration. To ensure your Scan&Paint 2D measurements are “on track”, two IR LEDs have been integrated, that enable live position tracking of the probe. Give your product an edge by unleashing the complete potential of a PU probe to quantify, visualise and localise your sound sources even in demanding testing environments.

The PU Regular GEN2 has two integrated IR LEDs, enabling features that could save you valuable time! These built-in IR LEDs might be invisible to the naked eye but in combination with a technology-fusing camera, allowing to enable real-time probe position tracking when moving the probe. Extremely handy and powerful to keep your Scan&Paint 2D measurements “on track”. Creating broadband, high spatial resolution sound maps has never been more straightforward and being displayed to you that fast!


  • Broadband sensing | 20Hz -14kHz
  • Direct measurement of particle velocity & sound pressure
  • Designed for durability,
    packed in a robust housing
  • Build-in IR LEDs enabling real-time position tracking
  • Designed to ensure the repeatability of your measurements,
    compatible with a sound calibrator for field calibration
  • Low susceptibility to high pressure over intensity ratio
    (p/I index)
  • Low susceptibility to background noise in the environment


  • Noise Source Identification
  • Particle velocity measurements
  • Sound Intensity measurements
  • Sound Power measurements
  • Direct listening to particle velocity
  • Your preferred probe for Scan&Paint 2D

Sensor Performance

ParameterSound Pressure | Particle VelocityUnit 
Sensitivity28 | 26mV/Pa | V/(m/s)
Frequency Range (±1 dB)80 – 6000 | 50 – 12000Hz
Frequency Range (±2 dB)50 – 14000 | 30 – 14000Hz
Frequency Range (±4 dB)20 -14500 | 20 – 15000Hz
Maximum Level @ 1kHz131 | 126dB
Noise floor (20 Hz – 2 kHz)31 | 26dB(A)
Noise floor (20 Hz – 10 kHz)37 | 42dB(A)
Noise floor (20 Hz – 15 kHz)37 | 46dB(A)



ParameterSound Pressure | Particle VelocityUnit
Temperature range-20 to 80°C
Temperature Coefficient0.015 | 0.006dB/°C
Influence of Humidity (30 – 90%)0.001 | 0.06dB/%RH
Static Pressure Coefficient< 0.5dB/kPA
Maximum airflow1.3m/s

Physical Dimensions

Connector type7 pinLEMO
Diameter12.7 (1/2)mm (inch)




Whether you work in NVH or are part of the drivetrain testing, chassis testing or transmission teams, AcSoft have ultimate solutions for noise, vibration, harshness and sound quality measurement.