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Measuring Microphone Capsule MK 301 E

The 1/4 ”measuring microphone capsule MK 301 E is designed for acoustic measurements in research, development and industry and is also used in building acoustics and audiometry.

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The measuring microphone capsule has a fixed charge-carrier layer (back electret) to provide the polarization voltage.

The careful construction and the constructive concept of the microphone capsule guarantee a high temporal constancy of the electroacoustic parameters. All important parts, including the membrane manufactured and fixed in a special galvanic process, are made of nickel. The membrane is protected from mechanical damage by a protective cap. The static pressure equalization between the inner cavity and the atmosphere is ensured via a capillary to the downstream preamplifier.

The internationally common thread type (60 UNS) for connecting the microphone capsule allows interchangeability with other 1/4 “microphone capsules and enables connection to all suitable 1/4” or 1/2 “calibration and measuring devices.

The MK 301 measuring microphone capsule is suitable for class 1 sound level meters according to IEC 61672.

Converter typeCapacitive pressure receiver
Frequency range5 Hz to 100 kHz (± 2 dB)
Idle transmission coefficient3.5 mV / Pa
No-load transmission factor re 1 V / Pa-49 dB ± 1.5 dB re 1V / Pa
Limit sound pressure level for 3% harmonic distortion at 1 kHz168 dB
Self-noise with preamplifier MV 20336 dBA
Polarization voltage0 V
Capacity at 1 kHz4.5 pF
Working temperature range– 20 ° C to +100 ° C
Temperature coefficient≤ 0.01 dB / K
Static pressure coefficient-1 x 10⁻⁵ dB / Pa
diameterwithout protective cap6.35 mm ± 0.02 mm
with protective cap7.0 mm ± 0.02 mm
height9.7 mm
Weight2 g
Thread for preamplifier5.7mm 60 US
Thread for protective cap6.35mm 60 US


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