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A Deep Dive into the Power of Scan&Paint 3D

When dealing with acoustics, it is a given that precision is of utmost importance. Whether you work in automotive, engineering, or acoustics understanding sound behaviour is essential for achieving optimal results in your projects.

This is where visualising sound offers unique and powerful insights that traditional methods don’t come close to replicating.

This is where Scan&Paint 3D comes in.


Understanding the Technology Behind Scan&Paint 3D

Scan&Paint 3D is powered by advanced sensor technology, utilising a three-dimensional ½ inch USP regular probe equipped with Microflown acoustic particle velocity sensors and a sound pressure microphone.

This allows for direct measurement of all acoustic quantities, including tri-axial particle velocity with no frequency limitations.


Utilising Scan&Paint 3D’s Precise Sound Localisation

One feature that proves the power of Scan&Paint 3D, is its ability to localise sound sources with unmatched precision. Using advanced algorithms and real time tracking, users can pinpoint the exact location of noise sources, visualising sound propagation in full 3D.

This level of accuracy is crucial for troubleshooting, optimising, and managing sound environments.

The tiny 3D sensor makes it possible to obtain results with a very high spatial resolution, down to 3mm, enabling measurements even on very small objects. – Microflown


Directly Import Your 3D Models

All results given by Scan&Paint 3D are visualised on an interactive 3D model which can directly import a variety of standard file formats. Scan&Paint 3D also embedded tools to modify loaded files.

File format standards from popular programs like CAD and Sketchup – Such as .onj, .stl, .3DS, .Shape and .dae.

If you do not have a 3D model to start with, an alternative method is available, using a program called structure sensor that swiftly generates a detailed 3D model in a compatible file format.

Power of Scan&Paint 3D Key Features

How Scan&Paint 3D Can Benefit Your Business

It’s all well and good knowing what Scan&Paint 3D does, but how can it really benefit your work?

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

  • Scan&Paint 3D’s precise sound localisation and comprehensive data collection capabilities will massively streamline the processes of acoustic troubleshooting and analysis.
  • This leads to quicker identification of noise sources, helping you make better decisions, ultimately improving efficiency and productivity – Allowing you to do more.

Cost Savings

  • With Scan&Paint 3D’s ability to accurately pinpoint and prioritise key noise sources, you can implement targeted solutions to address acoustic issues with minimal modifications and costs.
  • Its as simple as that, you spend less so you make more.

Better Quality and Customer Satisfaction

  • Produce better quality products with the help of Scan&Paint 3D’s features.
  • Whether its reducing engine noise emissions in engineering, or enhancing a vehicles acoustic performance, the ability to provide quieter and more comfortable experiences is what will set you apart from competitors.

Check out Microflown’s Introduction to Scan & Paint 3D

So, whether you’re troubleshooting noise in engineering or enhancing vehicle acoustics, Scan&Paint 3D offers a revolutionary solution. With precise localisation capabilities and advanced sensor technology, this tool can help you cut costs, be more productive and provide a better customer experience.

If you’re interested in seeing more of what Scan&Paint 3D can offer, check it out or get in touch.



Whether you work in NVH or are part of the drivetrain testing, chassis testing or transmission teams, AcSoft have ultimate solutions for noise, vibration, harshness and sound quality measurement.

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