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SV 84 Building and Ground Vibration Accelerometer

The SV 84 Building and Ground Vibration Accelerometer is a hermetically sealed triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer designed to monitor the vibration in harsh industrial environments.


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The signal ground is isolated from the mounting surface and outer case to prevent ground loops. The Annular shear mode design prevents from thermal transient and from spurious signal from high transverse vibrations. Low noise electronic and a temperature compensated design gives the accurate result over the complete temperature range. The glass seal hermetic connector protects the piezoelectric disc and the electronic from harmful environmental influences, significantly increasing their reliability and lifetime.

SV 84 Building and Ground Vibration Accelerometer Specification


Number of axis3
Sensitivity (± 10 %)100 mV/(ms-2) ~ 1000 mV/g
Measurement range0.0005 ms-2 rmS ÷ 50 ms-2 Peak
Frequency response (± 3 db)0.2 Hz ÷ 3 700 Hz
Linearity± 1 %
Residual noise (1 Hz, 24°C)2.0 μg rmS
Residual noise (1 kHz, 24°C)6.3 μg rmS
Transverse response sensitivity (20 Hz, 50 m/s2)< 5 %
Resonant frequency16 kHz


Electrical groundingisolated from machine grounding
Isolation (Case to Shield)> 100 mΩ
Dual case isolationinternal Faraday shield (suitable for permanent installation
Supply current2 mA ÷ 10 mA
Supply voltage22 V ÷ 28 V
Bias voltage+10 VdC
Output impedance (Nominal)50 Ω
Charge/discharge time constant (start-up time)< 10 sec. typ.

Environmental Conditions:

Maximum vibration (shock survival)50 000 ms-2 Peak
Thermal sensitivity coefficient0.1 %/oC F.S.
Operating temperature rangefrom -55 °C to +70 °C
Operating temperature range (recommended)from -10 °C to +50 °C
Humidity / EnclosureNot affected, hermetically sealed


ConnectorM12 glass seal, top radially mounted
Material housing & connectorStainless steel
Dimensions41x42x23 mm
Mounting threadM6
Weight275 grams


SA 207BMounting base for building and ground vibration (optional)
SC 281Cable M12 to Amphenol (SV 212_x), 5 meters (optional)
SC 282Cable M12 to Lemo 4-pin (SVAN 958A), 5 meters (optional)

*Continuous product development and innovation are the policy of our company. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the specifications without prior notice.