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Measurement Microphone Preamplifier MV 240

The MV 240 digital is a 1/2 “measurement microphone preamplifier with an integrated analogue-digital converter.


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The signal from the measuring microphone capsule is optimally adapted to the dynamic range of the analogue-digital converter with a low-noise and highly controllable impedance converter and a very low-noise and low-distortion preamplifier. The analogue-digital conversion itself takes place in two-level ranges with a word length of 24 bits each. An integrated processor combines the two-level ranges into a single-channel digital USB output signal with a word length of 32 bits, which corresponds to already calibrated sound pressure values. This means that a very large acoustic dynamic range of 7 dB to 160 dB is transmitted, which covers the entire dynamic range of a 1/2 “measuring microphone capsule.

No special driver is required to operate the MV 240 digital; it is automatically recognized by the operating system and can be used under Windows, macOS and Linux. The MV 240 digital is supplied with power directly from the USB interface. The polarization voltage of 200 V required for the operation of measuring microphone capsules is generated internally and can be switched off when using electret measuring microphone capsules. The connection to the USB interface is made via a lockable LEMO® connector with a corresponding LEMO® – USB adapter cable. With two integrated generators, the signal processing of the subsequent measuring chain can be checked in 32-bit number format and the reference point for a sound pressure of 1 Pascal can be determined.

ADCSigma-Delta converter, 24 bit, 192 kHz
2 level ranges
Output signalUSB, 1 channel, 32 bit
permanently calibrated sound pressure values
Operating voltage5 V (± 5%)
Power consumption500 mA (at Ui = 10 Veff)
Frequency range1 Hz to 80 kHz
Self-noiseA-rated7 dB
Limit sound pressure level160 dB
Max. Input voltage10 Veff
Input impedance20 GOhm; 0.2 pF
Sampling frequency192 kHz
Polarization voltage200 V
Remote controlPolarization voltage
on / off
Connection standardsUSB 2.0 / USB 3.0
Connectors4-pin LEMO® EGG.9B.304.CLL
Capsule connection thread11.7mm 60 US
diameter12.7 mm / 21 mm
length184 mm
Weight115 g


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