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Measurement Microphone Capsule MK 290 E

The MK 290 E is a selected pair of 1/2″ measuring microphone cartridges for sound intensity probes.



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The microphone cartridge has a fixed layer of back electret to supply the polarisation voltage.

The constructive design of the cartridge is equal to that of the MK 222 E. The equalisation of the static air pressure between the inside and outside of the cartridge is by means of a capillary tube, adjusted for infrasonic measurements, rear-vented into the preamplifier. This enables the use of the optional TA 202 dehumidifier.

The cartridge uses the international standard thread 60 UNS which ensures compatibility with a wide range of calibration equipment and measurement devices available from many manufacturers.

Polarization voltage0 V
Frequency range35 Hz … 5 kHz
Open-circuit Sensitivity50 mV/Pa
Open-circuit Sensitivity-26 dB ±1,5 dB re 1V/Pa
Max. SPL≤ 3% THD at 1 kHz146 dB
Inherent noise15 dBA


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