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Measurement Microphone MM 310

The 1/4” Measuring Microphone MM 310 offers facilities for the use of a high-quality prepolarized measuring microphone capsule type MK 301 E on measuring systems with IEPE inputs. Typical applications like array arrangements and covered area measuring procedures, e.g. automotive acoustics, can be taken into account.


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The measuring microphone is connected to the measuring channels via a fixed microdot connector with microdot cables or usual BNC cables via a microdot-BNC adapter. The measuring microphone preamplifier has an integrated memory for microphone identification. Microphone data can be entered and read by the manufacturer/user by using the memory (IEEE P1451.4 TEDS editor).

The microphone holder MH 64 with 1/4” cone shaped adaptor is recommended for mounting. The 1/4” measuring microphone capsule accessories, e.g. windscreen etc., can be used additionally.

The measuring microphone can be calibrated with the Pistonphone type 5002 or other current sound pressure calibrators with an 1/4″ adapter.

Transducer typeCapacitive pressure transducer, acc. WS3F (DIN EN IEC 61094-4)
Sensitivity3,5 mV/Pa
Sensitivity-49 dB ±1,5 dB re 1V/Pa
Correction free-field at 1 kHz0 dB
Random incidence at 1 kHz0 dB
Principal axismicrophone axis
5 Hz to 100 kHz (± 2 dB)
Polarization voltage0 V
Max. SPL for 3% THD at 1 kHz158 dB
Output voltage≤ 8,2 Veff
Output impedance< 100 Ohm
Nom. load impedance100 kOhm
Current consumption2 mA to 10 mA, nom. 4 mA
Transducer excitation voltageUL 24 V DC to 30 V DC
Time for power up1 min.
Equivalent loudness level DIN EN 6065136 dBA
Influence of magnetic field 80 A/m, 50 Hz
Influence of vibration 1 m/s²
Operating temperature range ˂± 0,5 dB-25 °C to +100 °C
Main ambient temperature coefficient≤ 0,01 dB/K
Main ambient pressure coefficient1×10-5 dB/Pa
Temperature limits-50 °C to +100 °C
Humidity limitsr.H. < 100%, absence of condensation
Diameterwith protection grid6,35 mm ± 0,02 mm
without protection grid7,0 mm ± 0,02 mm
Protection grid thread6,35 mm 60 UNS
Preamplifier thread5,7 mm 60 UNS
PlugMicrodot UNF 10-32
Microphone identification memory256-Bit 1-WireTM EEPROM (DS 2430 AP)



MM 310 Measurement Microphone

Serves many applications where high frequency data is required such as Research and Development

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