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SV 38V Seat Accelerometer

SV 38V Seat Accelerometer is a triaxial Whole-Body seat accelerometer based on MEMS transducers dedicated to SV 106 instrument for Human Vibration measurements according to ISO 2631-1 requirements both on a seat pad or seat back.



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The SV 38V uses low voltage and consumes much less energy than IEPE accelerometers extending battery life time of SV 106 instrument. The built-in TEDS memory stores information about the accelerometer sensitivity that is automatically transferred to the SV 106 vibration analyser helping to avoid configuration errors.  A full ISO 8041 in-situ calibration check for before and after measurement is possible using the SV 111 portable vibration calibrator.

Features include:

  • Meets ISO 8041 and ISO 2631-1
  • Dedicated to SV 106
  • Low-power consumption
  • Robust technology
  • TEDS memory
  • Low price

SV 38V Whole-body Triaxial Accelerometer Specification

Number of axis3
Sensitivity (± 5 %)50 mV/ms-2 at 15.915 Hz, HP1
Measurement range0.01 ms-2 RMS ÷ 50 ms-2 PEAK
Frequency response0.1 Hz ÷ 125 Hz
Resonant frequency5.5 kHz (MEMS transducer)
Electrical noise< 230 μV RMS, HP1 weighting


Supply current< 5.0 mA
Supply voltage5.2 V ÷ 16 V
Bias voltage2.5 V ± 0.05 V
Output impedance51 Ohms
Charge/discharge time constant30 sec. typ
TEDS memoryinstalled (power supply pin)

Environmental Conditions:

Maximum vibration100 000 ms-2 shock survival for MEMS
Temperature coefficient<+/-0.02 %/°C
Temperaturefrom -10°C to +50°C
Humidityup to 90 % RH, non-condensed


Sensing elementMEMS
Cableintegrated 1.4 meters
ConnectorLEMO 5-pin plug (SV 106 compatible)
Dimensions236 mm diameter; thickness from 3.6 mm to 12 mm
Weight550 grams (including cable and cushion)


Calibration adaptorSA 38 (option)

*Continuous product development and innovation are the policy of our company. Therefore, we reserve the right to change the specifications without prior notice.


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