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Measurement Microphone MM 220

The 1/2 ”measuring microphone MM 220 opens up the possibility of using high quality, pre-polarized measuring microphone capsule MK 250 on measuring systems with phantom power.

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The electrical connection is made via a permanently connected, two-meter-long XLR cable.

We recommend the MH 64 microphone holder with a 1/2 ”clamp to hold the microphone. The use of the 1/2 ”measuring microphone capsule accessories such as windshield, nose cone, dry adapter etc. is possible without any problems.

The measurement microphone can be calibrated with the Pistonfon Type 5002 or with other suitable sound pressure calibrators.

Converter type Capacitive pressure receiver, according to WS2F (DIN EN IEC 61094-4)
Operating transfer coefficient 50 mV / Pa
Operational transmission rate -26 dB ± 1.5 dB re 1V / Pa
Free field correction for 1 kHz 0 dB
Diffuse field correction for 1 kHz 0 dB
Reference direction Microphone axis
Frequency range of the free field transmission factor 3.5 Hz … 20 kHz, class 1 DIN EN 60 651
Polarization voltage 0 V
Output voltage ≤ 5 Veff at 1 kHz / 0.5% THD
Output impedance <100 ohms
Nominal terminating impedance
Start-up time 1 min.
Equivalent noise level DIN EN 60651 15 dBA
Magnetic field influence 80 A / m, 50 Hz <22 dB
Influence of mechanical vibrations 1 m / s² 60 dB (20 Hz to 1 kHz)
Working temperature range ˂ ± 0.5 dB -25 ° C to +100 ° C
Temperature coefficient ≤ 0.01 dB / K
Static pressure coefficient 1×10-5 dB / Pa
Temperature limits -50 ° C to +100 ° C
Moisture limits rH <100%, condensation not allowed
diameter with protective cap 13.2 + 0.05 mm
without protective cap 12.7 + 0.05 mm
Thread for preamplifier 11.7mm 60 US
Thread for protective cap 12.7mm 60 US
Connectors XLR
Memory for microphone identification


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A solar only power solution using a 115W solar panel together
with a 38Ah deep cycle battery. Ideal for running systems requiring lower power such as the SV 307 noise monitor under typical environmental conditions.