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Building Acoustic Analysis

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Measurements in building acoustics have often required specialised equipment, to cope with the range of different parameters needed for a full sound insulation test.

Telecomms Testing

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Our lives are increasingly dependent on telecommunications, both for voice communication as well as data. The fact you are reading this means that you are hooked up to the most complex and bewildering telecommunications network ever.

Environmental Noise Management

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Noise in the environment affects us all, whether it is your next door neighbour's dog barking, or that annoying whine from a distant power station. Measuring environmental noise in a meaningful way can be difficult, and many descriptors have emerged to try to quantify annoyance by using temporal or frequency analysis.

Electro-Acoustic Testing

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Electroacoustic transducers find their way into all corners of our lives, including telephones, loudspeakers, hearing aids, car stereos, Walkmans, military headsets, microphones, and the list goes on. In these days of high volume production and quality control, a test system is needed to provide the answers quickly and accurately.

Sound Quality Analysis

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Reducing noise & vibration has long been an aim for the development engineer, and in many cases levels have been reduced so that many products report very similar results. It's now becoming clear that it's not just level that counts, but also the quality of the sound from the machine. Is it rough? Does it sound tinny? Does it rattle?

Multi-Channel Analysis

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There is often confusion between multichannel data acquisition and multichannel analysis. However, for reliable measurements of sound & vibration, you need to be aware of issues such as filtering, anti-aliasing, simultaneous sampling, linearity, conditioning, the list goes on.

Frequency Analysis

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Many suppliers seem to offer an increasingly bewildering array of PC-based frequency analysers, typically using FFT. However, very few are optimised for sound and vibration applications, where not only high dynamic range and linearity are important, but in many cases transducers conditioning is also required.

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Apollo Light

The Apollo Light is the light version of Sinus’ versatile Apollo black box. It is a handy and robust with a USB interface. The Apollo Light is compatible to Sinus’ established Apollo_box and Soundbook Analyzer but without SLOW channels, SYNC port and AUX port. The reductions to the main functions allows them to reduce the […]

Apollo Light

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In-situ Absorption

Microflown Technologies offers a complete solution to measure the acoustic properties of materials with its in-situ absorption setup. This method is a true alternative for the well known Kundt’s method or reverberant room method. Taking (destructive) samples is no longer required and the absorption of sound waves under oblique angles of incidence as they occur […]

In-situ Absorption

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SAMURAI is the universal software package for noise and vibration measurements for Sinus systems and instruments. SAMURAI contains 2-, 4- or 8-channel sound level meters conforming to the IEC60651 / IEC 60804 / IEC 61672-1, IEC 651 and IEC 804 standards. In Germany the Soundbook system is officially calibratable using the siNoise program version (fixed […]


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