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WaveCam 30 Day Free Trial

Do you currently ‘sensor up’ your structure? Are you moving sensors from each location and roving your impact hammer over and over again?

What if we told you that you could now stop doing that, instead simply take a video and use the power of pixels in exchange for accelerometers?

Have you considered all the costs you are currently incurring through this method. The cost of an accelerometer, the cost of calibration and out of warranty repairs along with the cost of the engineers who tirelessly sensor up structures and obtain valuable data.

Finding a process that removes all of this hard work and getting you to the end result sounds like a cheat code right? Well its not. The Wavecam technology is now being used by NVH engineers and structural engineers all over the world to simplify processes, save time, save money and deliver detailed and accurate data before deadlines!

Our 30 days free trial allows you to see and feel the magic for yourself. You will be able to see how WaveCam integrates into your existing processes and will show you what processes can be removed in exchange.  Contact us to register for your free 30 day trial.

In this video you can see the WaveCam in action with analysis of a steel frame.
This the easiest and fastest way to perform a vibration test on machines and installations. A video is created with a high speed camera. Using an algorithm in the WaveCam vibration analysis software, we amplify the vibration motion and then visualise and analyse the results.


R&D and Production

Centralising data collation and analysis across multiple production sites is also possible as expectation of remote access to acquisition systems becomes the norm

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