Airly is a MCERTS certified device that measures the air quality in your immediate surroundings. Using sensors, Airly provides accurate, ultra-local, predictive data for governments and businesses to tackle the issue of air pollution head-on. Airly’s platform acts as a warning system for pollution at street level and in real time with greater accuracy and at lower cost for cities & enterprises.


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Compatible with SvanNET

The Airly can be used with SvanNET for remote communication and automatic monitoring services.

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A single Airly device can measure two chemical compounds by the electrochemical method. Readings are taken from two gas cells installed in the measurement module of the sensor. Each sensor is equipped with a light diode that changes to present the current air quality using colour signals consistent with the CAQI or AQI scale.

Sensors can track all the key pollution markers like particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM10), NO2, O3, SO2, H2S, NO, and CO gases. They also provide reliable data about key weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, air pressure, and wind from sensor locations.

Installation of the sensor is effortless. All it needs to work correctly is to be plugged into a regular power socket and hung on a height minimum of 1,5 m above the ground and not higher than 8 m. After 48h, calibrated measurements are visible on the Airly Data Platform, Airly Map and Airly Mobile App.

Why Airly?

  • Small and ready to install
  • Quality proven in various weather conditions
  • Secure and efficient data transmission using GSM protocol
  • Easily accessible via the Airly Data Platform, Airly Map or Mobile App

See for yourself how quick and easy the Airly installation is with this installation tutorial.

Constant Working Conditions

Temperature-40oC – +80oC
Humidity0 – 100%
Pressure700 – 1 200 hPa


PM1, PM2.5, PM10,
temperature (°C), pressure (hPa), humidity (%)


Temperature-40oC – +80oC± 0,1oC
Pressure700 – 1 200 hPa± 1 hPa
Humidity0 – 100%± 1%

Enclosure Parameters and Weight

Case materialStainless steel
Dimensions74 x 77* x 83.5 mm
Device weight440g


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