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Crysound operates as a global leading provider of acoustic testing solutions. Its products are widely used for the electroacoustic testing of consumer electronics (e.g. mobile phones, headphones, loudspeakers, laptops), environmental noise monitoring, detection of defects in automotive components and noise generated by household appliances.
Crysound helps customers achieve the best acoustic quality by providing the first class acoustic testing solutions. It is committed to becoming a preferred brand in the global acoustic testing industry.

AcSoft have supplied electroacoustics components such as ear simulators and audio test fixtures, to the UK market for over two decades. In seeking new partners for these types of devices, AcSoft recently chose Crysound as their new supplier.  Although not a well-known brand in the UK, they are an acoustic test company whose products take part in the design and manufacture of literally millions of audio-related products.

Compliance to standards, measurement repeatability and performance to specification are all critical in our test and measurement industry. So, it was only natural that AcSoft carry out extensive evaluation and benchmarking of the products before signing up. Satisfying and surpassing those tests, and then considering quality, price and support, the choice for AcSoft was made crystal clear!


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