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CRY711 Ear Simulator

The CRY711 complies with IEC 60318-4 (60711), ITU-T Rec. P.57, with the resonance frequency of 13.5 kHz.


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The CRY711’s acoustic impendence is similar to that of the human ear. It is an ear simulator that simulates the insertion of an earplug catheter into the ear canal, and simulates the coupling of earphones to the human ear to measure the acoustic performance of the earphones. CRY711 ear simulator is designed according to IEC 60318-4. Its built in CRY372 pressure field measurement microphone is generally used for acoustic testing of high quality in ear headphones. It can work with a preamplifier and be connected to CRY series instruments.

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CRY711 Ear Simulator / Coupled Cavity

Applicable StandardsIEC 60318-4(IEC60711)

ITU-T Rec. P.57 Type 2

Resonant frequency13.5kHz±1kHz
Frequency range (±1 dB)100Hz~10kHz (stimulating human ear impedance)
Frequency range20Hz~16kHz (for coupled cavity)
Height23mm (excluding microphone)
Weight45g (excluding microphone)