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CRY886 Ear Simulator/Coupler

CRY886-S01 is a high frequency coupler kit for testing hearing aids with frequency up to 16kHz.


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The coupled cavity increases the resonance frequency to 30 kHz, so it does not interfere with measurements within the audio range. The volume of the coupled cavity is 0.4CC. The sensitivity of CRY342 measurement microphone in CRY886-S01 kit is 1.6 mV/Pa, and the noise floor is 40 dB(A). CRY886-S01 coupled cavity kit is used for research, testing and production of acoustic devices, such as hearing aids and headphones.

Standard Compliant:

  • Compliance with IEC TS 62886:2016 Hearing aids – Method for measuring electroacoustic performance up to 16kHz
  • Compliance with IEC 61094-4:1995 Measurement microphones – Part 4: Specifications for working standard microphones
  • Compliance with GB/T 20441.4-2006 Measurement microphones – Part 4: Specifications for working standard microphones

CRY886-S01 high-frequency coupled cavity

Coupled cavity volume0.4cc
Resonant frequency30kHz
Frequency Response (FR)100Hz~16kHz
Sensitivity (±2 dB)1.6mV/Pa
Sensitivity (±2 dB)-56dB re 1V/Pa
Polarization voltage0V(pre-polarization)
Upper limit of dynamic range (re 20 uPa)≥164dB(distortion factor < 3%)
Lower limit of dynamic range (re 20uPa)≤40dB(A)
Operating temperature-20℃~60℃
Temperature coefficient (-10 ℃ – 50 °C)0.01dB /℃
Relative humidity range0~90% (without condensation)
Power supply of preamplifierICP (2~10mA)
Connection of preamplifierSMB coaxial plug/BNC


Configuration Checklist

CRY886 0.4cc high-frequency coupler
CRY342 1/4” Pre-Polarization Pressure-Field Measurement Microphone
CRY547 1/4” ICP Preamplifier
BL5706 SMB – BNC cable / 1.5 m