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CRY609 Mouth Simulator

The CRY609 is a passive mouth simulator, with exceptionally low THD, used to simulate the sound source of the sound field near the mouth of a person.



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The CRY609 mouth simulator is suitable for the test of the acoustic parameters testing of telephones, headsets, in-ear devices with microphones, smart speakers and TV’s (any device with microphones used in voice communication). The frequency response and other properties comply with the requirements of IEEE 269, 661 and the requirement for “mouth reference point” for transmitting acoustic signals in ITU-T P51. It is a standard sound source for acoustic measurement acoustic measurement.

Technical specifications of CRY609

Min. continuous output SPL200 Hz – 10 kHz: 110 dB (@ 25mm MRP)

100 Hz – 10 kHz: 100 dB (@ 25mm MRP)

Distortion200 Hz – 10 kHz: typical value <0.5%, Max. 0.8% (94 dB SPL @ 25 mm MRP)
Frequency response curveOutput sound pressure after compensation: 94 dB ±1 dB (100 Hz – 10 kHz)
Max. continuous power20W
Max. instantaneous power100W(1s)
Sound apertureØ20mm
Lip ringO.D.: Ø 45 mm

Height: 25 mm

Net weight1.32kg


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