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CRY574Pro Bluetooth Dongle

CRY574Pro Bluetooth dongle is a Bluetooth interface designed for audio characteristics testing of Bluetooth speakers and headphones.


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The CRY574Pro is suitable for R&D and production lines. It can be used with CRY6151 electroacoustic tester and any third party test instruments. Users can control CRY574Pro Bluetooth dongle through CRY6151 Bluetooth test software or independent CRY574Pro software to perform the following: search, automatic paring, MAC address matching. After successful pairing/matching, the following can be read: name of the Bluetooth device, MAC address, magnitude of power for RSSI, and volume. Furthermore, it also supports NFC reading and MAC burned-in-address of the Bluetooth device.

Function Overview

  • The software can control all functions such as search, pairing, and disconnection, etc. No manual operation is needed.
  • The software controls the switching of audio modes, such as A2DP and HFP, without manual operation.
  • Supporting NFC reading and MAC burned-in-address (additional NFC sensing device required)
  • Full digital signal transmission Without signal distortion caused by traditional Dongle digital to analog and then the acquisition by the test instrument
  • It can read the name, MAC address, RSSI power, volume and other information of the Bluetooth device.
  • Scalable to support testing of physical buttons on the Bluetooth device 
  • The software interface is reserved. The ASCII code command is sent through the virtual serial port to facilitate the third party’s integration.

Technical specification of CRY574Pro

Core protocolBluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth protocolA2DP, AVRCP v1.5, HFP v1.7, HSP v1.2, SPP
A2DP protocolapt-X, SBC
A2DP sampling rate48kHz, 44.1kHz, 32kHz, 16kHz
A2DP volume0-100, absolute volume control
HFP protocolmSBC(communication with broadband), CVSD
HFP sampling rate16kHz, 8kHz
HFP volume0~15 (speaker & MIC)
Pairing modeSSP, password authentication
Antenna typeU.FL
Antenna power-18~6dBm  (adjustable)
Function testBattery, button, RSSI
Specification & dimension125mm * 66mm * 16mm(w/o antenna)
Connection interfaceMicro USB