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CRY720 Anechoic Box

The CRY720 is a pneumatic shielding box welded with steel plates.


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The CRY720 provides RF shielding for testing Bluetooth, WIFI and other products. It is suitable for the acoustic performance testing of electroacoustic products, such as Bluetooth headphones, microphones and ANC headphones.

Technical specifications of CRY720

Shielding effect0.8GHz~3GHz ≥ 60dB
Effect of soundproofingExterior noise ≤ 80 dB; interior noise ≤ 40 dB
Working dimension (mm)(L)300×(W)300×(H)310 ± 5mm
Box dimension (mm)(L)470×(W)460×(H)420 ± 5mm
Overall dimension (mm)(L)560×(W)540×(H)510 ± 5mm
MaterialSteel plate + sound-proof and acoustic materials
Appearance and colourWhite
Working air pressure0.45MPa~0.6MPa

CRY720 interface specifications

N-SMACharacteristic resistance = 50 Ω; frequency range: DC – 6 GHz
Characteristic resistance of BNCCharacteristic resistance = 50 Ω; frequency range: DC – 6 GHz
USB2.0Standard 2.0 data transmission speed: 480 Mbp/1.8 A
DB9Standard serial transmission/communication port; DC withstand voltage: 0 – 100 V / 1.6 A
ACAC: 0 – 500 V / 10 A