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Sound Calibrator 4010

The 4010 is a sound calibrator conforming to IEC 60942 class 1 and ANSI S1.40 for the calibration and the verification of microphones and sound level meters.

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The combination of two sound pressure levels and two frequencies allow both level linearity and frequency linearity to be verified. Each sound calibrator is supplied with an individual calibration certificate.

The reference microphone and control circuit together maintain a constant sound pressure level inside the calibration coupler and automatically adjust for changes in load volume, temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity. In addition the sound calibrator measures the environmental conditions temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity.

Temperature measurement Range -10 °C to +50 °C
Accuracy ±2 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Atmospheric pressure measurement Range 65 kPa to 108 kPa
Accuracy ±0.4 kPa
Resolution 0.1 kPa
Relative humidity measurement Range 25% to 90%
Accuracy ±4%
Resolution 1%
Levels at reference conditions (94.0 ± 0.2)dB
Levels at reference conditions (114.0 ± 0.2)dB
frequency at reference conditions 250 Hz (251.19 ± 0.30Hz)
frequency at reference conditions 1000 Hz (1000.00 ± 1.00Hz)
Distortion max. 2.0%
Stabilizing time 20 seconds
Sensitivity to environmental conditions as specified for IEC 60942 Class 1
Microphone size without adapter (1/1)“
with adapter 4010-2 (1/2)“
with adapter 4010-3 (1/4)“
Battery type 2x LR03 alkaline batteries
Battery size AAA-size acc. ANSI/NEDA
Battery life >10 hours
Power supply 2 V to 3.4 V
Display Typ Mono-colour OLED graphical display
Resolution 128 x 64 (W x H)
LED indicator two-colour LED
Main value of sound pressure level
IEC 60942, 6.3e
114.0 dB
Main value of frequency
IEC 60942, 6.3f
250 Hz
Ambient conditions – temperature operating range -10 °C to +50 °C
Ambient conditions – humidity,
non condensing
operating range 25% to 90%
Ambient conditions – atmospheric pressure operating range 65 kPa to 108 kPa


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