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This high-performance, multi-channel, 19“ measurement system is suited for use in a laboratory as well as in the field. The Typhoon measurement systems will be equipped with PCI-Express measuring cards as per customer request.

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The Typhoon system allows installation of up to 12 Apollo PCI-Express measuring cards. With the optionally available 1-slot APOLLO_PCIe-SLOW extension card, additional connectors for external GPS system synchronisation and 8x SLOW channels are provided for each Apollo_PCIe measuring card. Leveraging external sample synchronisation, the measurement systems may be implemented with any number of channels.

The exchangeable, high-end CPU card (slot-Card CPU PIG-MG) with the Intel XEON Server CPU ensures high reliability. Power supply and ventilation have been sized generously. Exchangeable 2.5″ SATA SSDs serve as data storage facility. The internal RAID system safeguards high data storage safety. For mobile use we offer a sturdy 19“ rack with 4 HE as additional protection casing, featuring lockable covers and strong carrying handles.

Typhoon version overview, including appropriate Apollo_PCIe measuring card options for universal application
TYPHOON_Base System 908400.7 without PCIe measuring cards
TYPHOON_48B 908406.4 48x BNC
TYPHOON_48L 908404.8 48x LEMO7
TYPHOON_96D 908402.3 12x DSUB 25
TYPHOON_96S 908408.0 96x SMB

The Typhoon Measurement System is Especially Well Suited For:

  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Customised multi-channel vibro-acoustic measuring instruments
  • Sound power measurements
  • Noise and vibration monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development

The Typhoon measurement system is fully compatible with the type-approved Soundbook_MK2 measurement system.

The following specifications refer to the TYPHOON_48L measurement system. The measurement systems TYPHOON_48B, TYPHOON_96D and TYPHOON_96S are not equipped for the use with microphones with ±14V/200V microphone supply. ICP power supply for sensors is available with all Apollo measuring cards.

Intergrated PC

Industrial PC
Model 19″ format
Processor IntelTM Intel XEON 3.3 GHz
RAM 8 GB to 16 GB as an option
Display interface VGA
Storage medium 2x 240GB SSD or 2x 500GB HDD, 500 GB as an option,
optional hard disk exchange frame
Interface 4x USB, 2x LAN, 12x PCIe x1, 4x USB3 over PCIe as an option
Operating system Windows 7, multiple languages
Accessories (included in delivery) USB trackball keyboard (GER, EN)


General technical specifications of Typhoon
Input channels 1-48/96
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC … 80 kHz
Dynamic range 120dB
Noise < 3µV(A)
Sample rates 200Hz to 204.8kHz
Decimation up to 200Hz sample rate, selectable per channel
Max. input voltage ±1V // ±10V peak
Gain 0dB, 20dB
Over-voltage detection yes
Phase shift < 0.1° @ 20Hz … 80 kHz
Offset correction yes, automatically at auto-calibration
Input coupling DC, AC 0.15Hz, HP 10Hz, LP 2kHz
Microphone voltage supply ±14V, +20/63/200V switchable (TYPHOON_48L only)
ICP current supply 2 / 4 mA switchable
TEDS (IEEE 1451.4) yes
Slow channels 1-8 (with optional 1-slot extension card via Lemo10 connector)
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time bandwidth DC … 200Hz @ 8 channels
Input voltage range -25V … +25 V
Output channels 1-2
Resolution 24 bit
Real-time band width DC … 20kHz (40/80kHz on request)
Max. output voltage ±3.16Vpeak
Connector 3.5 jack
Trigger channels
Trigger 2x In: Trigger / tacho, trigger level software-adjustable 0.1Hz … 6MHz; 2x Out (for each Apollo_PCIe measuring card)
Special channels
Synchronisation SYNC-BUS (sample-accurate synchronisation with external clock on master board) or via GPS
Dimensions and weights
Supply voltage AC 230V
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature range APOLLO_PCIe: -10 °C … +50 °C; Typhoon: -10 °C … +35 °C
Order details (Typhoon versions)
908400.7 TYPHOON_Base system
908406.4 TYPHOON_48B (BNC connector)
908404.8 TYPHOON_48L (LEMO7 connector)
908402.3 TYPHOON_96D (DSUB 25 connector)
908408.0 TYPHOON_96S (SMB connector)
Order details (Typhoon accessories)
908346.5 SYNCHRONKABEL_PCIe_4 (1-4 measuring cards)
908185.7 Apollo_TACHO CABLE
908243.1 Apollo_SYNC CABLE, 5m
971010.4 LEMO7 / BNC ADAPTOR
801425.3 SSD drive option 512 GB


Introducing The Renew 1:
A solar only power solution using a 115W solar panel together
with a 38Ah deep cycle battery. Ideal for running systems requiring lower power such as the SV 307 noise monitor under typical environmental conditions.