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The Soundbook-Expander extends the Soundbook measurement system with 8 additional measuring channels and various additional service channels. Apart from the channel extension for Soundbook, the Expander, combined with a Windows PC, may be used as a stand-alone USB data acquisition device The Sync-Hub allows sample-synchronous operation of up to 4 Expanders and an additional Soundbook. This enables configuration of measurement systems with 8 … 40 measuring channels for a wide variety of applications.
Due to its high signal bandwidth, large dynamic range and integrated sensor power supply the flexible, portable measurement system is suited for all professional acoustic and vibration measurement applications. The Expander hardware is fully compatible with the Soundbook_MK2 and is based on the innovative Apollo platform.



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The connection between Soundbook_MK2 and the Expander is established through a special USB data cable and a separate synchronisation cable. These cables are included in lengths of 10cm for direct device installation and 1.5m for remote operation. When combined with a SYNC_Hub, the system is supplied from the enclosed power adaptor.

The universal SAMURAI software offers all features required for the standard-compliant noise and vibration measurement and analysis, in real-time as well as during post-processing. The intuitive user interface, high flexibility and a wide variety of options offered by SAMURAI 2.2 make Soundbook, Soundbook_Expander and Apollo_Box extremely robust and popular tools for:

  • Engineering services
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development

Especially for the acquisition of raw data in multi-channel applications the combination of SAMURAI and each member of the new Apollo platform offers the benefit of a drastic data volume reduction due to:

  • individually, per-channel adjustable sample rates and
  • low-loss compression capabilities (OggVorbis)

The measurements you may implement with these modular software packages include:

  • Sound level measurements
  • Frequency analysis
  • Signal recording
  • Human vibration measurements
  • Measurements of ground-propagated vibration
  • Building and room acoustics
  • Machinery vibration measurements
  • Modal analysis
  • Order analysis
  • Structural analysis

The following specifications apply to the 4-channel versions of Apollo_Box_4L (LEMO7) and Apollo_Box_4B (BNC). Further versions are available on request. Alternatively, we offer the Apollo_PCIe slot card with 4 input channels (BNC) or 8 input channels (SMB).


Recommended PC configuration:
ProcessorIntel™ dual core, 2GHz, 2GB RAM
Storage medium160GB HDD or SSD
Operating systemWindows XP, Windows 7


General technical specifications of Apollo_Box
Input channels 1-8
Resolution24 bit
Real-time bandwidthDC … 80 kHz @ 8 channels
Dynamic range120dB
Noise< 3µV(A) @ 0.1Hz … 20 kHz
Sample rates200Hz to 204.8kHz
Decimationup to 200Hz sample rate, selectable per channel
Anti-aliasing filterja
Max. input voltage±10V peak
Gain0dB, 20dB
Over-voltage detectionyes
Phase shift< 0.1° @ 20Hz … 80 kHz
Offset correctionyes, automatically at auto-calibration
Input couplingDC, AC 0.15Hz, HP 10Hz, LP 2kHz
Microphone voltage supply±14V, +20/63/200V switchable (for BNC versions only on AUX)
ICP current supply2 / 4 mA switchable
TEDS (IEEE 1451.4)yes
AUX channels
Digital inputs2x TTL
Digital outputs2x TTL
Microphone voltage supply±14V, +20/63/200V switchable
Slow channels 1-8
Resolution24 bit
Real-time bandwidthDC … 200Hz @ 8 channels
Input voltage range-25V … +25 V
Output channels 1-2
Resolution24 bit
Real-time bandwidthDC … 80kHz
Max. output voltage±3.16Vpeak
Special channels
Trigger2x trigger / tacho, trigger level software-adjustable 0.1Hz … 6 MHz
SynchronisationSample-accurate synchronisation with external clock (e.g. Soundbook_MK2)
Dimensions and weights
Dimensions258mm x 218mm x 25mm
USB cable (standard)Special USB cable, 1m
USB cable (optional)Special USB cable, 4.8m
Power supplyvia USB 2 (5V // 1.1A) or with 230 VAC adaptor (included in delivery)
Environmental conditions
Protection classIP54 / IP50 without with Lemo7 protecting caps
Humidity30% … 90%
Operating temperature range-10°C … +50°C
Storage temperature range-20°C … +60°C, 95% humidity maximum
Emissioncomplies with IEC 61000 – 6 – 3
Immissioncomplies with IEC 61000 – 6 – 1
Order details (Soundbook_MK2_Expander versions)
908011.6Soundbook_MK2-Expander_8B (BNC connector)
908010.8Soundbook_MK2-Expander_8L (LEMO7 connector)
Order details (Soundbook_MK2_Expander accessories)
908190.4Apollo_SLOW CHANNEL BOX
908185.7Apollo_TACHO CABLE
908242.3Apollo_SYNC CABLE, 0.5m
908243.1Apollo_SYNC CABLE, 5m
908242.5Apollo_USB CABLE, 5m


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