SAMURAI is a universal software package from Sinus for sound and vibration measurements as well as real-time analysis with their measurement systems.


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Because of the high system performance, the user benefits from a wide range of functions simultaneously available on all measurement channels. SAMURAI features excellent display capabilities not only during the measurements but also during the post-processing of the measurement results. The basic principle of the software is that virtual measurement instruments provide data for activated measurement channels. There are various types of virtual measurement instruments, differing in the types of data provided (e.g. sound levels, spectra, time signals, speed, RPM, transfer values, video, slow channels…). These virtual measurement instruments can be freely allocated to the activated measurement channels. Simultaneously with the measurement and analysis, the data provided is stored in synchronous data streams.

SAMURAI features a powerful Windows user interface enabling intuitive touch screen operation. The storage of user-defined setups supports the user in the performance of recurring measurement tasks. The setup of a measurement previously performed can be used or modified for a new measurement task. The “Easy Operator Mode” simplifies recurring measurement tasks, allowing individual setups to be created and used whose operator interface is reduced to a minimum (e.g. Start/Pause/Stop). This enables even inexperienced users to perform complex measurements without corresponding expert knowledge.

The measurement values can be displayed in up to 16 graph windows. The display properties may be set before, during and after the measurement. The data acquisition and storage takes place in the background, independent of the choice of measurement values currently shown in the graphs.

SAMURAI contains 2-, 4- or 8-channel sound level meters conforming to the IEC60651 / IEC 60804 / IEC 61672-1, IEC 651 and IEC 804 standards.

SAMURAI contains many innovative functions:

  • Integration of a transducer database for common transducer types (microphones, accelerometers, voltmeters, tachometers, thermometers and hygrometers, as well as sensors for velocity, displacement, force, torque and pressure)
  • Multi-analysis function including signal recording, octave analyser (1/1, 1/3), FFT analyser, sound level meter, tachometer, auxiliary channels
  • Graph types for the display of measurement data: sound level meter (numeric), level history, spectrum, sonogram, waterfall diagram, time signal, vsXref (level versus RPM), tachometer and further windows (see also Options)
  • Convenient adjustment of the display properties by the user
  • Administration of measurements via internal browser
  • Measurement data visualisation via internal data browser
  • Data storage directly on external USB drives possible
  • Convenient calibration check
  • Comprehensive triggers and markers functionality
  • Display of 1/3-octave and FFT spectra in the same window
  • Display of the measurement data versus time or versus RPM
  • SAMURAI can make use of the PC sleep mode in order to switch the computer on and off for measurements at defined points in time
  • Import and export of weighting curves
  • Curve editor for reference spectra and weighting curves
  • Data export to the following formats: MS Excel, ASCII, wav, Universal File Format (UFF), ASCII Raw Signal, HDF 5.0, MDF 3.0, Noise & Vibration Works (NWWin), Windows Media movie, Quicktime movie
  • Sensor error detection (detects cable breaks for ICP sensors)
  • Level indicator




Universal software package for noise and vibration measurements

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