DECAQ systems provide appropriate architecture to address both standard and complex multi-channel tasks. Using the same stable modular platform for high-quality signal conditioning, the compact DECAQ can contain up to 192 channels in a single chassis.


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From portable measurements to industrial-scale laboratory applications, system features such as high channel density, high dynamic range, low noise performance and distortion, accurate synchronization and integrated data capture and analysis guarantee peace of mind during product development, prototyping and troubleshooting.

Robust Design

Designed to withstand fluctuations in technology, the DECAQ’s robust design keeps it ahead of the game. Machined from aluminium, the DECAQ can withstand shock and vibration while operating in environmental temperatures from -20 °C up to
+62 °C, depending on system configuration.

Conduction Cooled

Internal conduction cooling ensures no dusty air circulates within the chassis. Some chassis may never require fan cooling while others contain fans which only need to operate under high temperatures. In all cases fans can be switched off during sensitive acoustic measurements.

Real Time Operating

Notwithstanding the system’s integrated software with playback capability, the DECAQ also makes use of a professional real time operating system, namely Windriver’s VxWorks®, on all its system Power Supply and Controller boards. This ensures fast, logical and safe decisions when operating as a standalone unit.

Rack Mounted Systems

DECAQ systems can also be housed in compact, machined aluminium RackMounts. Chassis are recessed in each RackMount to ensure all cables are contained behind the rack’s front face.

Connected and Adaptable

All QuantusSeries instruments come with embedded software for what they believe to be the essentials. Use MECALC’s RESTful interface to springboard your great software idea, as well as their embedded acquisition software to set up, calibrate, trigger, monitor and more.

Whether you choose to interface directly with our instruments or prefer a fully integrated software package, we have the versatility to complement any specific hardware-software combination.


12-24 Channels

Channels12 – 24
Dimensions (W H D)291 x 68 x 267 mm | 11.46 x 2.68 x 10.51″
Volume5.3 L | 1.4 gal
Mass, fully populated with battery5.1 kg | 11.24 lb
Mass, fully populated without battery4.8 kg | 10.58 lb
Minimum ambient temperature-20 °C | -4 °F
Maximum ambient temperature62 °C | 143.6 °F
Humidity (non-condensing)90 % RH
Shock1 (11 ms duration)40 g | 1.41 oz
Random Vibration2 (10 to 2000 Hz)0.1 g2/Hz
Power values are an indication of power consumption of typical chassis configurations:
Typical power input sourceExternal DC supply with an Internal Battery Pack.
Power Input10-30 VDC
Power with most demanding QModules30 W
Power with most demanding QModules and Dynamic Charging On70 W
Battery cells8
Battery typeNiMh
Battery capacity20 Wh
Combined VMEbus System Controller Master, Arbiter and Interrupt Handler
Supports 2eVME standard
Gigabit Ethernet
Advanced computational ability
VMEbus Power Supply
Maximum throughput of 45 MB/s when streaming data over LAN
1.3 GHz PowerPC processor with 1 Gbyte DDR2 memory
Cooling of external surfacesNatural Convection
Cooling of internal surfacesConduction Cooling
Solid State Disk (SSD)Record hundreds of hours of data on a 128 GB SSD.
Wi-FiEncrypted Wi-Fi network for communication with smart devices.
PTPPrecision Time Protocol (PTP IEEE 1588-2008) Synchronize systems to within 50 ns of each other.
GPSAdd a GPS42 QModule for timing and position data, allowing any number of chassis to form a larger system through GPS synchronization. Synchronization with drift compensation synchronizes systems within 500 ns of each other.

Visit the MECALC website to find out more about 16-48 channels, 24-72 channels, 48-120 channels and 72 – 192 channels specs.



Whether you work in NVH or are part of the drivetrain testing, chassis testing or transmission teams, AcSoft have ultimate solutions for noise, vibration, harshness and sound quality measurement.

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