NoiseImage Software

Whether the beamforming, holography or intensity method is used – NoiseImage provides all required functions for data acquisition and analysis! From quick checks in real-time on site to combining complex analyses at the workplace – NoiseImage always runs stable and reliable. The appealing graphical user interface allows intuitive handling, delivering fast results.


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NoiseImage is the powerful software for acoustic measurements in fields like the automotive industries, wind energy, environment, transport, aerospace, room and building acoustics and mechanical engineering. For the continuous development of the software, we draw upon over 20 years of user experience and comments. Pooled with an R&D staff of more than 25 specialists, the spectrum of NoiseImage is constantly extended by new features, functions and modules.

Features include:

  • Acquisition and analysis of digital and analogue signals
  • Live preview and real-time analysis capabilities
  • Time-, frequency-, rotational speed-, or location-selective analysis methods
  • Numerous advanced post-processing algorithms

Mix and Match from the NoiseImage Software Suite

NoiseImage is a general-purpose platform software providing all tools required for the whole measurement and analysis process. You can use the core package on its own or expand its functionality with any combination of add-on modules for different acoustic measurement types or analysis methods. The add-on modules connect seamlessly via one integrated software environment. You can combine as many expansion modules as you need.

Basic: The basic functionality for conducting sound analysis with The Acoustic Camera

  • Acoustic Photo 2D: Create Acoustic Photos from a selected time or frequency interval of your recorded data
  • Spectral Analysis: Precalculated narrowband analysis to create Acoustic Photos from a Spectrum or Spectrogram
  • Acoustic Movie: Creation of an Acoustic Movie in 2D or 3D
  • Acoustic Photo 3D: Third dimension to the Acoustic Photo by mapping the sound sources onto a common interior or exterior CAD model instead of a single 2D plane
  • Nearfield: Nearfield applications and creating images of sound intensity and sound pressure
  • Advanced Algorithms: Further beamforming algorithms for advanced analyses with the Acoustic Camera
  • Order Analysis: Enables acoustic analyses of rotating objects
  • Project Manager: Organisation of scheduled batch run analysis, exports and measurement series
  • Wind Tunnel: Acoustic Camera for wind tunnel applications. State-of-the-art software for aeroacoustics
  • Psychoacoustics / Sound Quality: Calculation of psychoacoustics parameters for sound quality analysis
  • Room Acoustic: Visualisation of sound propagation inside rooms and buildings
  • Recorder Interface: Recorder settings for various analogue and digital data types
  • CAN Bus: Consideration of changing parameters of measurement objects
  • PassBy: Acoustic pass by Photo with spectral view on fast passing objects.
  • Power Beamforming: Power beamforming for higher dynamics and sharpness of sound sources.
  • Import/Export: Available file formats for import and export
  • C++/ MATLAB Calculation Interface: Developer interface for NoiseImage


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