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BA Assistant Building Acoustics App

BA Assistant application supports Svantek sound level meters equipped with the Bluetooth® interface, e.g. SVAN 977 and SVAN 979.






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The Building Acoustics smartphone application guides the user through the sound insulation measurement procedure in accordance with ISO 16283.

Sound insulation results are presented on the display and in the form of a report compliant with the ISO requirements. Application can be used with SP 95 Impact Ball for sound insulation testing in light weight structures.

A project containing measurements from the source and receiving rooms for different sound source positions is created during the measurement. The project is saved in the memory of the sound meter along with the measurement files.

The user interface allows to preview results in the form of time-history plots as well as numerical values.

The application enables to add photos and voice comments to the measurement projects.


Our team had an extremely busy day yesterday getting a large order of SV 307's prepped and out the door so they could hand deliver them. Here's just a small behind the scenes sneak peak of some of their brilliant work 😀!