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Seven Bel

With the Sound Scanner, Seven Bel has developed a new technology for acoustic cameras that enables the localisation of sound quickly and easily. Often, acoustic sources are not easy to identify or are not located where you would expect them to be. Seven Bel offers solutions that make lengthy root cause analysis obsolete and sustainably improve optimization processes.

Seven Bel are certain that the assessment of acoustic radiation of products and processes can only work properly in combination with the visualisation of sound. Only the combination of hearing and seeing leads to correct insights and consequently to high quality technical solutions. It is their goal to make sound imaging self-evident and establish it as a natural process at many acoustic cases in the industrial and personal environment.

And just in case you didn’t know: Seventy decibel or seven bel of equivalent continuous sound pressure level is the threshold that is health-damaging for humans. We are proud to contribute to reducing the noise level of products and processes and making them more tolerable for people and the environment.

Seven Bel

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Today, we are at the Reproduced Sound event. Stop by our stand to speak with our experts about our range of solutions, including SoundCheck from Listen, Inc.