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DELTA – a part of FORCE Technology, is an independent hi-tech company. They make knowledge available for everyone and help both society and industry with the latest technological development. As their customers’ “strategic partner”, they ensure the optimal usage of advanced technology. They develop, test, certify and advise their customers in every phase of their product development, before the product is launched on the market.

Since 1941, DELTA’s mission has been to ensure ideas succeed in the real world. Their profound competences are based on decades of technological development within electronics, microelectronics, light, optics, acoustics, vibration, software, and sensors. DELTA is an Advanced Technology Group (GTS) institute, approved by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


Knowledge Hub

Introducing The Renew 1:
A solar only power solution using a 115W solar panel together
with a 38Ah deep cycle battery. Ideal for running systems requiring lower power such as the SV 307 noise monitor under typical environmental conditions.